Parallel Training Workshops

The WomenPower Symposium WeMe 2016 will also provide a list of training workshops for students and young professionals. The workshops will aim to provide practical materials and build technical skills that will empower individuals to advance in their future careers in computing. The workshops that will take place at the symposium are the following:

A link will be provided shortly for attendes to express interest and book seats for the particular workshops that they wish to attend. Stay tuned!

Workshops Descriptions:

  • What to avoid in an interview?

Valentina Toumaniou – Teaching Lab EECEI Building (15:15 – 16:00)

Surely, you have read somewhere what to do to be successful in a work interview. In this presentation we will see what you must NOT do to succeed and increase your chances to be the one selected among other canditates. Tips for the interview process: before, during and after, possible questions and qualifications / skills sought by enterprises today.

  • CV and Social Media Presence

Valentina Toumaniou – Teaching Lab EECEI Building (16:15 – 17:00)

What is included in a completed CV and how it relates to the presence in social media and searching for a job? Social networks are part of our everyday life, in this presentation we will see how we can utilize them to build and strengthen our professional image, find “hidden” employment ads and diversify our candidacy for a position.

  • Empowering Women in the Workplace

Irene Dimitriou – “Lemesos” Hall “Andreas Themistocleous” Building (15:15 – 16:00)

This lecture will explore the specific issues women face on a daily basis in the workplace and at home. It will seek to set the parameters for a work-life balance, women’s empowerment as active citizens and professionals and to ensure a better and equitable environment for them to participate and excel through skills building, confidence and a support network.

  • Women Innovators in Computing

Irene Dimitriou – “Lemesos” Hall “Andreas Themistocleous” Building (16:15 – 17:00)

This lecture will explore the potential of women in technology, a traditionally male dominated industry. It will explore the relation of women and startups, women entrepreneurship and how crowfunding can be utilized as an alternative financing mechanism, which may allow them to create successful business and innovative projects.

  • Startups – What do I need to know?

Aggeliki Solomonidou – Conference Room Student Services Building (15:15 – 16:00)

Those involved in promoting innovation, research and development and more will have noticed that, lately, the definition “startups” is widely used by all stakeholders. But what is a startup, who creats it and how can one conceive an innovative idea? And most importantly, what is the monetary value of a startup and what is its contribution to the local society and economy? The afformentioned questions will be answered through examples and discussion with the audience.

  • Entrepreneurship from A to Z

Giorgos Kokou – Conference Room Student Services Building (16:15 – 17:00)

Entrepreneurship? Why ‘necessity’ entrepreneurship should not be an alternative form of employment and why entrepreneurship ‘mimicry’ ends in failure? The understanding of the original entrepreneurship is a critical factor in ensuring long-term prospects of success in entrepreneurial activities and concerns all those who wish to implement their innovative ideas or believe that they are ready for new business challenges. The constant transitioning of technology and the development of new markets require strengthening the spirit of entrepreneurship with denominators such as innovation, continuous improvement and flexibility. Modern practices that broaden the competitive advantage of a business require continuous training, passion, perseverance, continuous and effective market and competition analysis and appropriate management of human and financial resources in combination with rational decision-making.